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belgae kennel
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i cannot remember a time that i did not have a dog. when i was 13 i acquired my first purebred dog, a miniature poodle named jojax christmas holiday. at the coaxing of my parent’s dear friend maj l. wilson davis we started obedience class with the oriole dog training club in baltimore md. before i knew it we were entering obedience trials and i was “hooked” on the sport of dogs. holly earned her cdx and i learned a lot along the way.

when chuck & i married in 1969 we melded our two hobbies, dogs and hunting and got our first english setter. hence began the high brass line of english and gordon setters. we did equal amounts of hunting and conformation showing and in limited breeding producing our share of champions and superior gun dogs.

mai tai - the start of it allin 1982, i decided that i would like a small, low maintenance, dog to show…..enter the schipperkee. and the kennel name switch to belgae. after 8 very successful years in schips, chuck encouraged me to again look at the tibetan spaniels. he preferred the more “sporting dog type” temperament. in july of 1990 a cute little red & white ball of fluff, named margee’s amne machin o’belgae (maitai) joined our household and stole our hearts. it did not take us long to discover that tibetan spaniels are indeed “like potato chips”, you can’t have just one! although it is hard to not want to keep them all, i do limit myself to a manageable number, since they all live in the house and are my constant companions.

in 2007, due to some life changing events, i decided to "return to my roots" and after many months of searching; made a trip to massachusetts to add a miniature poodle puppy to our family.  my intent was to just do performance with her, but as she grew it became evident that she was destined for a whole lot more. 

no matter which breed we have had, throughout the years, i have studied diligently to understand as much as possible about the breed…..its characteristics, type, health and temperament. i have been a working member of each parent club along the way. i do not breed often, believing that quality, not quantity is the best rule of thumb. each litter is a labor of love, with the goal of wanting to give each puppy the opportunity to be the best that (s)he can be.

at the present time i am a member of the tibetan spaniel club of america (currently health committee chairman), the finger lakes tibetan spaniel association (currently treasurer) and a life member of the finger lakes kennel club (having held many offices over my 38 years of membership).

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The season 1914-15 was destined to be the last until the 1919-20 season. At the hearing, Manchester United player Billy Meredith denied any knowledge of the match-fixing, but stated that he became suspicious when none of his teammates would pass the ball to him.

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wenix, I think that would be fine. wenix, I think it would be fine to ask in the community.

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